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The CoWorking Institute is an undertaking of the pioneer of technologies for collaborative work and play Bernard DeKoven and newsmaster Gerrit Visser.

The home of Coworking and our Guides to the resources on Coworking, Twitter, Jaiku and Facebook are dedicated to the exploration of collaboration:

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    CoWorking Visions


    Posted by: Bernie DeKoven
    May 06, 2015

    Conferences that Work: ___________________________

    "Working together as equals" Since we founded the CoWorking Institute, that slogan has defined our focus, our mission, our purpose. Exploring the technology, the methods, the theories that democratize the workplace.

    When we started this initiative, what we were talking about was bordering on radical. Over time, given the deeply and wonderfully disruptive power of technology, working together as equals has become almost within our reach. There are still huge disparities. Still bosses and managers who keep themselves separate from the people they work with, who believe that their mandate is control, perhaps even subjugation.

    This belief is reflected throughout the business world. And, oddly, even in business conferences where people spend days being talked down to, being taught, sitting for hours in lovely rooms in which they are not allowed to talk. Or text, even.

    Adrian Segar has devoted his career to creating a new kind of conference: a conference where people meet together, as equals, as colleagues, coworkers who are there to meet and learn from each other; who are there because they care about their work and they want to find other people who can work with them, together, to make things better, more productive, more meaningful, more fun.

    Adrian new book, "The Power of Participation: Creating Conferences That Deliver Learning, Connection, Engagement, and Action," will be published this June. I had the good fortune to read an advanced copy. It is a wonderful resource - a compendium of remarkably simple techniques for transforming a conference into an event in which people are engaged - with each other, with the work.

    It is a treasury of proven techniques, clearly written, based on first-person experience and deep insights into how to restore dignity, trust, creativity - building a true coworking environment. It is a gift. And I hope many will receive it, and put it in practice.

    Bernie DeKoven

    Via (Conferences that Work)